Being in the Now

Learning to Be!


The Book of Truth

I feel the downward pull of counter-clockwise energies.  Thus I change my consciousness by inner command, and the Spiritual Forces from a Higher Source change my personal energies  to now rotate clockwise and so the upward arising vortexian transportation begins. I am looking and moving upward, my right fist clenched raised above me in determination.  I soon reach a Tower of Crystal Purity, all its walls composed of Circular, Radiant, Iridescent Stained Glass Windows,  each one a living scene of some great Mystical Truth.

It’s a very unique Treasure – Creation in its Totality

It’s a very unique Treasure
Creation in its Totality
– IS –
The Universal Creator in Action
~ We Are This Creator ~
Life is very strange sometimes…
The bodies we live in – are containers. Containers for souls to live in. The body and the soul are two different aspects of creation and the two are matched for one lifetime only. Bodies however, have been known to exchange souls for shorter or longer periods (possession). Most souls though, stay with the same body. It’s easier on the human mind, as well as on the family.