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Is Your Inner State Angry, Frustrated Or Anxious? Here Is Why

Do you find yourself getting angry, frustrated, and anxious fairly regularly at things that you have no control over? Does a slow driver make your blood boil? Do red traffic lights bring up feelings of anxiety? Does someone else’s opinion feel like it hurts you?

Everyday Ways You Can Lose Yourself To Find Yourself

So I’ve been thinking…

We toss around classical phrases on a daily basis. Usually, when a common phrase is thrown in my face I mentally pause to wonder where the saying originated.  Well, after it’s stuck in my head, I’m quiet for a good chunk of time because I’d caught a train of thought headed toward a reasonable theory regarding the origin of said phrase.

Mind Over Medicine

Mind Over Medicine

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The 12 Dimensions of Creation

by Owen Waters, Editor
Infinite Being Publishing, LLC

When I finally discovered the twelve dimensions of Creation, I was astounded by the symmetry of the Creator’s work.

In physics, symmetry is a sign that a theory is viable, because nature exhibits symmetry in so many ways. I had been pursuing the nature of the structure of reality for decades, most especially in recent years. Then, one day in 2002, the keys of the universe just fell into place like some self-organizing jigsaw puzzle.

Dimensions are measurable items, the variables of the universe.

The Heart-Breath Meditation

By Jafree Ozwald


Our resistance to the negativity causes the negativity

to perpetuate in our body, mind & world. ~Jafree


The following meditation is an ancient technique that will change the energy of ANY negative source you are dealing with these days. The Heart is an amazing organ, both structurally & energetically. It’s always pumping IN oxygen deprived cells, and pumping OUT oxygen rich cells. Its whole job is to take in “negative” lifeless energy & send out “positive” life-giving energy.

Balancing, Grounding and Integrating

1. Using your breath to meditate!

Meditating and breathing are spiritual disciplines that help you to balance your energy fields and to ground. Learn how to meditate using your breath as a focus. Sit on a chair, feet to ground, spine erect, hands clasped and eyes closed. Take five deep breaths and begin to focus on the rhythm of your breathing. Say “In” as you inhale and “Out” as you exhale. If you become distracted, don’t beat yourself up. Just return to your focus as soon as possible. THERE IS NO RIGHT OR WRONG WAY TO MEDITATE.

Accidental Meditation: You’re Already Doing it

Most people think they are bad at meditating.

Can’t sit still and turn your thoughts off for at least 20 minutes?

You’re not bad at meditating, you’re just a human with a brain.

Actually, most of us already meditate—we just do it accidentally. You know that feeling when you are taking a shower, and the warm water pours over your body, and you forget what you were rushing to get ready for? Time disappears for a moment, and when you step out of the shower you snap out of it.