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Jealousy ~ Its Origin and How to Heal It

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Divine Self  channeled by Simon NightStarr

Jealousy is one of the greatest challenges that humans have on the path to greater awareness! Jealousy is a dis-ease. It is an erroneous thought that someone else has something that you do not have that you would like to have, but that you do not possess yourself. The origin of this disease is a sense of a lack of love. This is the origin of all diseases, period. If you pay close attention, the very word “disease” clues you into this. Dis-ease is lack of ease, a lack of love. For love itself IS ease. It IS easy. Yet it is not until you let go of those false, conditioned beliefs that tell you otherwise that you will truly see how EASY it actually is to feel love, for such erreoneous beliefs make love appear to be something that is difficult to receive, and this is an insane notion. You ARE love! Yes, this is not a popular mass belief in your world, but it is a spiritual fact, and nothing any of you do in your world can ever change this fact, for God loves you absolutely and unconditionally, infinitely and eternally.

Oneness is your True State, and no one possesses anything that you do not have access to. “But what about Michael Jordan? I do not have his great basketball skills!” Of course not, for “you” are not Michael Jordan. Your human personality is not the Real You. The Real You doesn’t “get jealous,” because Divine Self enjoys the abundance of love that It IS. I AM Divine Self, and through My creations I have access to all abilities. The more you accept Me, which is nothing other than accepting your True Power, the more you begin to realize that your Oversoul has access to any and all abilities and experiences in creation and that jealousy is silly. Jealousy is lack of self-appreciation. When you deeply appreciate your human brothers and sisters, which is what true empathy is, you can psychically FEEL and EXPERIENCE “their” Soul as well, for you are empathizing with Oneness, with Universal Love, which is what all Souls are composed of. Jealousy paints a picture of division, whereas appreciation ultimately shows you What you and your brother/sister share in common: God.

Jealousy is a sickness that humanity has long suffered from, which in recent decades has come to the forefront of mass human consciousness in a way that it never has before. Be of good cheer, for I AM “cleaning house” of this disease as well, being that I AM totally above it and can show you a higher perspective and way of being. As of now, a very great number of you are WELL AWARE of what you feel jealous about, even if you choose to keep quiet about it or try to convince yourself that you aren’t jealous. Indeed, jealousy is not what you are, but it is certainly a disease that most of you emotionally suffer from, and I AM here to offer you a way to transcend this lowly state of consciousness. First, I want you to become aware of how the ego often attempts to hide its jealousy. 

One of the most common ways (for those that use the English language) is to laugh and say, “I am so envious of you.” Many of you use the word “envious” because you believe that it sounds better than “jealous,” and you even go so far as to pretend that “being envious” (feeling jealous) is somehow a “good thing.” Yes, sometimes the word “jealous” is used in a “playful” manner as well, where you pretend to actually admit jealousy, while really not admitting to YOURSELF that you are totally responsible for manufacturing this disease. You do not accept total responsibility through “admitting” your perceived faults to others, dear spiritual seekers. Indeed, that can be a great initial choice to make, such as going to one that you may feel a sense of trust and comfort with, whether it be a relative, a friend, an online “stranger,” a counselor, a Catholic priest (Humorously: “Just say ten ‘Hail Mary’s.'”), etc. You accept total responsibility through learning to recognize with crystal clarity that “Ye are gods.”

You must recognize your infinite worth. You are even beyond all notions of “worthiness” or “unworthiness,” yet most humans need to begin with feeling a greater sense of “being worthy of love” in order to heal jealousy. Jealousy is actually a very distorted sense of appreciation for another. Please re-read that. Jealousy is a distortion of appreciation created by ego. When you feel appreciation you feel admiration. You actually feel admiration when feeling jealous as well, yet this feeling is, in a sense, covered up by a feeling of hatred for the other person(s). Inwardly you feel love and admiration, yet the ego cannot truly understand these elevated feelings, and it fears them, because it senses its own dissolution when in the presence of love. Love, admiration and appreciation are natural, inherent qualities of your Higher Self. You can never really lack love. Through your human will you may only lack a sense of appreciation for love. You may only beLIEve that you lack love. 

Recognize that God’s Love is your only true desire. Specific desires are fine to have, but they are NOT what your Soul really desires, which is expansion of love. You only want anything because you feel it will give you a greater sense of wholeness, a greater feeling of love.

The way to heal the mind of jealousy is through cultivating deep self-appreciation for your Higher Self. This certainly takes much practice, yet with anything that you learn it does indeed become easier for you with diligent practice. Endeavor to feel a greater sense of self-worth. Again, love is never lacking, but recognition of its Eternal Presence can certainly be lacking in your attitude, in your self-awareness. Love is in abundance in the atmosphere about you, My children! If you want to feel more of this Infinite Love, you will channel more of It into your energy field the more you learn to honor the gifts, talents and blessings of your brothers and sisters.

Remember to honor YOUR gifts, talents and blessings—as well as your difficulties, “curses” and challenges, for all are “blessings in disguise!” This simple practice transforms the low vibrations of jealousy into high frequencies of LOVE. I AM so deeply in love with all of you; I really AM! From the Infinite Depths of My Spiritual Heart, I bless each and every one of you. Namaste.