Being in the Now

Learning to Be!


Channelling 101: From Disincarnated Beings, From the Higher Self and Those Faking It

What is now called channelling was previous called either “spiritualism” or “mediumship”, and “channelers” were called “mediums”.  I will substitute the old phrases, for the modern “channelling” verbiage.

Most have read and heard about ascended teachers, although they are usually called ascended masters, or saints, by most people.

Some people think it is better to follow them, or their teachings, because they are higher in consciousness than living teachers. Some even claim they have personal contact with them, and ‘channel’ them.

PTAAH: “An Act of Faith”

A Brief Review of “An Act of Faith -Transmissions From the Pleiades”

Who you are is wondrous. Who you are is beauty beyond measure.
Who you are is the Source expressing in this density of reality.
Soon you will know that you are the GOD I AM. It is called coming home.

Channeled by Jani King

At the back of the book is a photo of Jani King. The bio says contact was first made with P’taah in NZ in 1949.