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Channeling The Powers Of Nature: An Interview With A Naturopath

Robert Bailie first became interested in Naturopathy while managing the occupational health and safety and rehabilitation department of a large corporation in Australia. He noticed that injured employees enjoyed a quicker recuperation period, and therefore an earlier return to normal duties when they underwent Naturopathic treatment. While carrying out a course in Naturopathic studies in Sydney in 1996, he discovered, and quickly also became fascinated with the science of Homoeopathy.

“Infectious Ideas” – Don’t Believe Everything You Think

It’s so interesting how conventional philosophy approaches and flirts with the obvious truth, but cannot really confront it because Science itself is yet another dogmatic set of beliefs –founded on questionable assumptions, like the belief that we are separate individuals..
In this very compelling TED talk, philosopher Daniel Dennett makes the “scientific” case that neither our thoughts or beliefs are “us” –he compares them to the parasites that can take over an ant and even make an individual ant commit “suicide” to reach the parasite’s goal –the top of a leaf.

In this wonderful talk Dennett uses a “scientific” and

The Council of Nine

One New Age channelling cult, above all the rest, has had a huge – very disturbing influence on hundreds of thousands of devotees worldwide. Known as ‘The Nine’, its disciples include cutting edge scientists, multi-millionaire industrialists and leading politicians. This exclusive extract based on The Stargate Conspiracy by Lynn Picknett and Clive Prince looks at the sinister origins of The Nine

I am the beginning. I am the end. I am the emissary. But the original time I was on the Planet Earth was 34,000 of your years ago. I am the balance.

The Miracle Of Right Thought

– by Orison Swett Marden, published in 1910

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Excerpts from the book

Chapter 1

The Divinity of Desire

Believe with all of your heart that you will do what you were made to do.


by William Walker Atkinson
First Published by The New Thought Publishing Co., Chicago, 1906.Electronic Edition Published by Cornerstone Publishing, 2001.

Chapter I


THE Universe is governed by Law – one great Law. Its manifestations are multiform, but viewed from the Ultimate there is but one Law. We are familiar with some of its manifestations, but are almost totally ignorant of certain others.

Who Thinks Your Thoughts?

Brendan D. Murphy, Guest
Waking Times

“Life is 10% what happens to you and 90% how you react to it.” ~ Charles Swindoll

The notion that how we feel is merely caused by events around us or directly involving us, is a scourge of our modern times.

Why Not Now? Stop Putting Off The Thing That Can Bring You Peace

“Why not now?” is about living in the moment. RIGHT NOW! I found myself dreaming of Italy and what it would be like to go there. I thought, when I go I will eat every seductive dish laid before me guiltlessly. Enjoying each bite and mystery wrapped in untried delicacies. And, do it without guilt, concern over calories,  or what people may think. I have no interest in living unhealthy or over indulging…. it’s just time to slow down, enjoy life, and take in the priceless moment of now. 
As Americans we rush around all day, everyday.

All Thoughts Are Energy – 4 Simple Ways Your Thoughts Can Change The World

by Gregg Prescott, M.S.

Did you ever say the exact same thing as someone else at the same exact time?  Did you ever get a bad vibe from someone for no particular reason at all?  If all thoughts are energy, then how powerful is the human mind and what are we truly capable of accomplishing?

Empaths can easily feel emotion when words aren’t spoken. Dogs instinctively know when someone is malicious or not.  How is this possible?
Transmission of energies
All thoughts are energy that can be transmitted and received throughout the Earth’s grid.  Look no further than

Understanding Tarot Cards To Understand Your Thoughts

“He who knows others is wise; he who knows himself is enlightened.”  – Lao Tzu
The major and minor arcana of the tarot are 78 cards that are essentially tools to explain the archetypes of personality, and the human experience. A common misconception is that the tarot is a mystical medium that divines your future, as though the future is a fate sealed in stone.
This idea can be dangerous because there is a fine line between prediction and manifesting.