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Accepting Death When The Time Has Come

Question: What happens to the jnani after death?
Nisargadatta Maharaj: The jnani is already dead.

“Die Before You Die” – Eckhart Tolle
This past Sunday, I almost did not watch the 60 Minutes piece on 90 year olds because I turn 65 on May 19, and the prospect of my deteriorating physical form had caused me a great deal of anxiety at one time.
This abated when I sought therapy for a variety of phobias, and when I joined Michael Jeffreys’ Eckhart Tolle group I became more acquainted with the concept of “die before you die.” To me this means

How To Open The Doors Of Perception At Will, Without Psychedelics

“The door to the soul is unlocked; you do not need to please the doorkeeper, the door in front of you is yours, intended for you,  and the doorkeeper obeys when spoken to.” -Robert Bly

What if you found out there was a key that would enable you to open and close your doors of perception at will, void of psychedelics? What if you found out you not only held the key, but you were the key? Would you unlock the doors, or keep them shut?

How to Release

By Jennifer Hoffmann

One of the lessons of the Shift is that we are to willingly release those things which no longer serve us and move forward on our path. Like most aspects of our lessons, it sounds easier than it is. Releasing is not simply letting go of a situation, it is also letting go of every attachment that we have to it, including our emotions, thoughts and feelings. Now the situation gets more complicated, especially if what we are releasing is particularly difficult or painful.

The Rough Road of Honest Discovery

Zen Gardner, Guest

Waking Times

Anyone who thinks waking up is simply a spontaneous event or some kind of cake walk hasn’t woken up yet. It takes a lot to arrive at the door of discovery as well as courage to open the door.

Why One Life Hack Can Change Everything For You

Take a look at your life right now. Are you feeling like something is off? Are you unmotivated or having trouble getting something going but aren’t sure what it is or what to do?
The truth is, the answer to “feeling stuck” can be found in the simple foundations of our lives. How you do the small things in life can really say a lot about how you do everything else.

The Simple Things Matter
Story time. When I was in college I went through a period where my bedroom was a disaster.

Nomad Souls Looking for Redemption

Soren Dreier, Guest

“Wow, I’m sick of doubt. The servants have the power, dog-men and their mean women pulling poor blankets over our sailors.