Being in the Now

Learning to Be!

‘Positive Thinking’

How to do APT: Automatic Positive Thinking

Here’s an amazing thing you can do to explore and improve your own mind. Sit comfortably in a relaxed position. With each in-breath say, “I take as given that…” and then during your relaxed out-breath, think of and say something positive to finish the sentence. Don’t judge it, just say it.

After several of these, I became anxious that the practice was unsustainable, that I would run out of new positive things to say, and therefore I would not be able to breathe out.

How Spreading Awareness Can Attract More Problems

When bad things happen, how can we use the Law of Attraction to help?  Say, for example, you see some horrific news, maybe on television or perhaps on your social media.  Is it wise to broadcast this news to other people? When we care about a problem in society, isn’t spreading awareness to others the responsible thing to do?

The short, and at times unpopular, answer is “no.”

We have been wired to believe that caring people spread awareness about problems and bad news.