Being in the Now

Learning to Be!


1985: The Perfect Flower Meditation

a daily ritual of faith and self-renewal

I recognize myself as one with the Living Stream of the Divine creative force in the universe.

I visualize this Living Stream as a perpetual river of Love, Beauty and Light, eternally quickening my heart and rejuvenating my mind, my body and my spirit.

I know that I AM being received, nurtured and uplifted by the Divine River of God.

I AM therefore healed of any illusion of illness.

1995: Maitreya: Meditation upon The Light of Christ

Richard Andersen ( 20 Feb 1995 posted on Lightwork-L:

A small meditation, channeled from Maitreya. First a small introduction from another channeling:

This Master has a special status, like Jesus just explained. Maitreya is a human being, but created by God as his son, as the complete personification of The Spirit of Christ, of this white, divine Light of Love. Maitreya has therefore not incarnated the same way the other Masters have, only a couple of times, and his task is to Christen people on their way to full spiritual Enlightenment.


The Eloists

Receive what God wills. We are here to help you. We will guide your steps along the way. Just relax and feel where our thoughts guide you and you will gain expertise with time. Patience perfects. We propose an essay on a typical day of loving service on the second resurrection plateau and how it differs from that of a first resurrection plateau.

Knowledge of the all Light is the pursuit of all souls on the plateau. Our thoughts, our wills and our united effort is all directed to this one purpose.

5 Ways Meditation Will Change Your Life (For The Better)

Meditation. If you are thinking of yourself or someone you know sitting on the floor with their legs crossed and their eyes closed right now, then you are like the majority of the western world who sees this picture when they think of meditation.

What Is Meditation?
While it is possible to be in a meditative state in this position – this is not necessarily ‘meditation.’ This is because true meditation is a state – a state of mind, body and spirit where you are calm, focused, aware, and connected with your true essence.

Accidental Meditation: You’re Already Doing it

Most people think they are bad at meditating.

Can’t sit still and turn your thoughts off for at least 20 minutes?

You’re not bad at meditating, you’re just a human with a brain.

Actually, most of us already meditate—we just do it accidentally. You know that feeling when you are taking a shower, and the warm water pours over your body, and you forget what you were rushing to get ready for? Time disappears for a moment, and when you step out of the shower you snap out of it.

All Yоu Have iѕ Nоw – Meditation

All Yоu Have iѕ Nоw

All thаt уоu еvеr have is NOW.

Thе раѕt iѕ gоnе,

The future iѕ but a drеаm,

NOW iѕ thе only thing thаt

Iѕ еvеr-рrеѕеnt and соnѕtаnt.

Become ONE with уоur NOW,

It iѕ уоur ѕесuritу аnd соmраniоn.

Become friendly with your NOW,

Or lifе’ѕ freedoms will nеvеr bе seen.

Your futurе iѕ NOW,

It is thе оnlу рlасе that еxiѕtѕ.

The NOW iѕ spiritual,

Yоur NOW bеing iѕ ѕасrеd.

Strivе tо livе in thе NOW,

This iѕ whеrе creation bеginѕ,

The NOW iѕ nоt what happens,

it iѕ ѕрасе in whеrе it hарреnѕ.


Angel Heart Meditation

By Sheila

The Angels are calling you to join them in joyous celebration of divine love!

Sit quietly with your feet on the floor.

Crown & Root Chakra Meditation

Here is a simple meditation process for you to strengthen and balance your chakras:

1. Sit comfortably in a chair with your feet flat on the floor (or sit in your usual meditation position,) your back upright, and your hands turned upward on your lap.

2. Begin a gentle three-part breathing technique.
First breathe into your belly, completely relaxing
your belly and allowing it to expand. Then breathe
into your abdomen, allowing it to expand. Then breathe
into the top of your lungs, allowing full expansion.
Pause for a count of three while your lungs are full
of air.

Dolphin Breath Meditation

Dolphin speaks to us of the breath of life, the only thing that humans cannot go without for more than a few minutes. We can live without water and food for days, but oxygen is the source of our sustenance. Within the breath we encounter the rhythm of energy that all life emits. In changing the rate or rhythmic texture of our breath, we can tap into any other life-form or creature.