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12 Warning Signs It’s Time To Change Your Life

Quite often, it takes a major shakeup or catastrophe for everybody, including you, to wake up and change your life.

You recognize that something isn’t right. You know it.

The sad part is that it’s so much easier to keep living this life rather than do the work to change it. You’re pretty comfortable being miserable. It’s become a part of you every day. Even though it really isn’t any fun, it’s safe.

But there does come a time when change is a must and that’s before a tragedy hits. There are danger signs that shouldn’t be avoided.

The True Revolution

Frank M. Wanderer, Ph.D., Contributor
Waking Times

If we take a look at the events of our world, we will easily realize that we live in revolutionary times. The revolution of our days is, however, entirely different from any other revolutions in human history. This revolution is not launched in order to rearrange the domain of forms and shapes, so as to replace old and outdated forms and shapes with new, dynamic and vivid ones. This revolution is able to take humanity beyond forms and shapes.

The World as an Amusement Park

God said:

If there were no time and you really knew this, where would panic go? What would panic be made of? Where would franticness be? What would take forever or no time at all? What could be urgent? What could be fateful or fatal? Where would disagreement lie? Without time and space, what could exist and where could it be housed except in Infinity and Eternity?

The Importance of Human Beings

Terence McKenna
Presented at ???
What I wanted to talk about tonight, simply because it’s the thing that is moving me to the edge of my chair at the moment, is – I called the talk Eros and the Eschaton, and what I could have called it is Eros and the Eschaton: What Science Forgot, because somebody asked me recently, “Is there any permission to hope?” More specifically, is there any permission for smart people to hope?! – I mean, it’s easy to hope if you’re stupid!

How To Talk To Your Friends & Family Without Sounding Crazy

If you think outside the box at all, or follow an unconventional path, you’ve definitely been through this. You try to share your ideas or information with your friends and family and they think you’re crazy.
Sometimes, it’s not your fault, but other times your presentation or how you go about it gave them more than enough reason to think that. So here’s how to adjust that!
The video below will go into detail about the main reasons why the way we talk to our friends and family about things is causing them to look at us funny.

How To Get Out Of Survival Mode & Into Living Life Mode

The amazing video that is posted below showcases an elk from a zoo saving the life of a tiny little marmot that is drowning in its water bowl. At first the people who work at the zoo assume that the elk is probably annoyed and just wants to get this little creature out of its water bowl, but he paces around the bowl and looks in for a long period of time.

10 Reasons Why You’re Feeling Stuck In Life

There’s no doubt about it, at times, we sure can be our own worst enemies in life . There are many cycles we engage in, most often without even being conscious of the cycles. Below are 10 of the most common reasons you may be feeling stuck in life. With some understanding, motivation and self work, you will be able to work towards no longer feeling stuck or that you are not in control.

1) Lack Self-Awareness
You need to develop a core knowledge of your strengths, values and needs.

Confused About Your Life’s Purpose? Start With This

Life purpose; this idea has become a very popular one in the last few decades. This is greatly due to the fact that for many of us, we have the freedom to pursue a career or life path that is one we love and desire to participate in, rather than one we choose based on the need for financial security.