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What is intuition ? Is it logic and intent and reasoning? Logic and reasoning have their place, as everything else does. In the Age of Aquarius, comes in the age of the revelation of the truth.

Old knowledge, old conditioning, or old patterns are no more. They are going to crumble. A period of confusion, especially for those who are inclined to think things out logically, rationally. It is not that intellect and reasoning have to be sacrificed at the altar of intuition.

Seven Easy Ways to Awakening your Divine Intuition

by Ana Bryce

We are all intuitive by nature and can use our intuition to receive answers to our daily personal and professional problems. In this article, you’ll learn how to awaken your divine intuition to help you with your everyday life.

Before we go any further, we must identify the factors that determine our level of intuition. We are all intuitive by nature, but, what makes some of us more intuitive than others? The answer is quite simple.

The Five Pillars of Intuition

Intuition is the spark, or gateway, to higher knowing and to living a fulfilled, flowing, effortless and peaceful life. Each day we are bombarded by an avalanche of information, demands and pressures, that squash our vastness into a tiny reality.

This data smog and information overload swamps our intuition. Now more than ever, we need this innate capacity to guide us. The more lost we are in the pace of modern life, the more we need this anchor.

Our Sixth Sense

Intuition is very much a natural and inherent part of our natures.