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Hope & Belief: The Hidden Fuel of Intention

Soren Dreier, Guest

‘Hope’ and ‘Belief’ can be very tricky concepts to frame right.

They can be very low frequency or they can be very high frequency. It all comes down to the consciousness that inhabits them.

If they are low frequency they are an extension of the Matrix or the control system. If they are high frequency they are the last thing you want to dodge.

Throughout history, the Matrix has used hope and belief to keep people at dock.

The Keys to Discovering Your Intent

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Disraeli wrote, “I’ve brought myself by long meditation to the conviction that a human being with a settled purpose must accomplish it.” Every human being has a settled purpose or intent. Everyone showed up with something they were supposed to accomplish. The problem is, very few people spend any time exploring that intent. Therefore, few missions get accomplished and few people live intentionally. Below are the keys to discovering your intent.

Key 1 – You showed up knowing your intent.

Poet Rumi wrote, “There is one thing in the world that should not be forgotten.