Being in the Now

Learning to Be!


A Rebirth of a New You

This month perhaps you and countless of others around the globe will take part in an annual event marking the New Year. In addition to the countdown and singing Auld Lang Syne, you may find yourself creating a “New to Do” list, better known as the infamous New Year’s Resolution.
In my early twenties, I can recall making my first New Year’s Resolution. It was December 31st, and I was bringing in the New Year with some friends.

Most Lose Sight Of This Important Factor When Striving To Reach Their Goals – It’s Not What You Might Expect

Are you goal oriented?  Does the gap between your wishes and dreams often leave you feeling frustrated, unfulfilled and with a sense of lack?
When we are striving for something, whether it be a new or better career or a change in our life circumstances, it is common to get caught up in the thought of “when  I reach/become (insert future here) then I will begin my “real” life.” The problem with this line of thinking usually becomes apparent when some kind of hurdle arises obstructing fulfillment of this future life.  For instance, being denied entry into grad school,  questioning

8 Signs You Are Meant For Something Bigger On This Planet

“You are here to enable the divine purpose of the Universe to unfold. That is how important you are!” ~ Eckhart Tolle
I’ve known since I was very young that I was meant for something bigger. I mean really. The first thing I knew I wanted to be when I grew up was the Easter Bunny. And I’m Jewish. Now as you cut through your giggles, here’s what I’m pretty sure I actually meant by that — I knew from very early on that societal constraints, “shoulds”, and rules didn’t really mean anything.