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Do You Fear Being Alone? – A Journey Of Self Discovery

Katharina and I met in Santa Marta while I was travelling the north Caribbean coast of Colombia and connected instantly. You know the situation – when you meet someone and it feels like you have always known each other. By the time we said our ‘good byes’, a brief romance had already developed.
Now we were Skyping that we could choose to spend some more time together before continuing in separate directions if we wanted.

Education: Drop The Fear And Study Something You Love!

In the past few years I have read a lot of articles regarding the over-priced post-secondary education system and the disappointment of many who come out of the system with a degree that does not offer them any sense of job security.

Overcoming Fear and Perceived Threats to Work Toward Your Dream

“Fear is a natural reaction to moving closer to the truth.” ~Pema Chodron


I awoke with a jolt. I heard the steady breathing of my sleeping partner next to me. I checked the clock; it was 3:30 AM. With a deep exhale, while rubbing the sleep from my eyes, I reached out to my bedside table to grab my phone.


For a moment, I hesitated. I knew that tickets went on sale at 4:00 AM New Zealand Time and that they would be going fast.


The U.S.

The Sure-Proof Way to Work Through Any Doubt

Everyone has doubts. Yet there are so many people who are plagued by them. This article will reveal a new way to work through and eventually release any pressing doubt you may have. By adjusting the way you perceive your own doubts you will enter into an entirely new relationship with your unsettling thoughts, with those so-called traitors.

4 Social Obligations it’s OK to Avoid, Ignore or Deny

4 Social Obligations it’s OK to Avoid, Ignore or Deny
In this lifetime, we have infinite choice.  We get to decide how we react to any situation that comes our way.  However, we often feel chained to social obligations and therefore react in ways that may make us feel uncomfortable-even when our intuition tells us to behave differently.

6 Tips To Eliminate Self-Doubt and Trust Yourself Again

The worst enemy to happiness is self-doubt.

Has self-doubt ever stopped you from doing something you longed to do?

That little voice in your head kept whispering…

“Who are you to even try to accomplish that?”

Whether you wanted to run a marathon, start a business, or go for a promotion, that little voice kept nagging at you that you’re not good enough.

In early 2014, this was the soundtrack that played on repeat in my head.

See, I really, really wanted to start a new business.

But even before giving myself the chance, the soundtrack began to