Being in the Now

Learning to Be!


The Secret To Getting Things Done

How is it that some people just seem to get so much done? They manage to publish a book or create a new product/work of art, while others sit around dreaming of things they want to accomplish, becoming frustrated when none of it comes to fruition?
The secret to getting things done is walking the fine line between self-discipline and self-care.
Picture this: you’re staring at a white screen/blank canvas — the quintessential artist’s dilemma.

These 3 Excuses Are Holding You Back

Over the years I have discovered that excuses play a major role in why we often don’t make necessary changes in our lives.
These excuses stop us from moving forward, from taking more time for ourself, from investing in our well-being and ultimately the achievement of our dreams. They keep us playing small, and prevent us from becoming the most authentic and fullest version of ourselves.
These excuses keep us stuck in habits, patterns and loops that repeat over and over again. Our life eventually goes on autopilot.
Change isn’t easy.

Further – The Off the Neglected Path

Zen Gardner, Guest

How many times have we been faced with the decision to move on to the next level of commitment to truth? How often has a new level of personal sacrifice been standing at our door, beckoning? How did we respond? Were we willing to go further, no matter the cost?

That’s pretty much what it takes in the pursuit of truth.

Agreeing To Disagree: Learning How To Choose Your Battles

Is it possible for two people to see and hear the same event and yet each have a totally different perspective of what actually took place? Everything we see, hear or feel is processed and interpreted according to our past experiences.