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How to Stop Absorbing Other People’s Emotions

Emotions such as fear, anger, frustration, and immobility are energies. And you can potentially ‘catch’ these energies from people without realizing it. If you tend to be an emotional sponge, it’s vital to know how to avoid taking on an individual’s negative emotions, or even how to deflect the free-floating negativities in crowds.

Another twist is that chronic anxiety, depression, or stress can turn you into an emotional sponge by wearing down your defenses. Suddenly, you become hyper-attuned to others, especially suffering with similar pain.

16 Uncomfortable Feelings That Actually Indicate You’re On the Right Path

by Brianna Wiest

Discomfort is what happens when we are on the precipice of change. Unfortunately, we often confuse it for unhappiness, and cope with the latter while running from the former.

It usually takes a bit of discomfort to break through to a new understanding, to release a limiting belief, to motivate ourselves to create real change. Discomfort is a signal, one that is often very helpful.

Here are a few (less than desirable) feelings that may indicate you’re on the right path after all:

1. Feeling as though you are reliving your childhood struggles.

Releasing Unexpressed Emotion

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Written by Randi G. Fine
Unexpressed emotion will never die. They are buried alive and will come forth later in uglier ways. ~Sigmund Freud~
Most of the feelings that interfere with our lives today, our negative emotional responses, have little to do with what is occurring in the present. They stem from painful childhood memories that lie buried deep inside of us, ones that have yet to be faced and dealt with.
When these memories are subconsciously triggered, all rationality goes out the window. We become hypersensitive, rigid, irrational, and insecure.

Where Do Our Emotional Responses Come From? Are They Truly Ours?

Last night, my sister and I drove our separate ways. She went to spend the night at my parents’ house that I recently moved from and I continued driving to my new home. I thought how the parting of ways was symbolic and said to myself, “Wow, this is sad.” But when I tried to feel the truth of that statement, I only found happiness.

Learning How To Feel In Our Relatively Numb Society

Emotion is what makes man feel alive. His ability to feel deeply, to have empathy and compassion, and to be sensitive to both internal and external factors by exercising present moment awareness frequently are the actions that enable him to execute his passions in a manner filled with truth so deep that it possesses the power to connect him with others and with the universe as a whole. Without feeling, he is merely existing, not living.

Emotions | Did you know they are contagious?

There are many things that are are known to be contagious, such as a disease, a virus and even yawning and scratching can be so too. What is not known is that emotions can also be contagious and, as a matter of fact, there are 5 of them that can get really get to you.
Surveys in 2012 showed that just by looking at a stressful person, the levels of cortisol, the stress hormone, rise significally. A similar research has shown that you can even smell it.