Being in the Now

Learning to Be!


The Positive/Negative Realms Of Higher Densities

By Michael Topper
In the higher densities, the Name of the Game is Consciousness.
 This simply means that the higher densities of existence, whether positiveor negative in orientation, all recognize that the business of all being and existence everywhere is always that of Consciousness… becoming more and more “Aware.” Awareness is related to “density” of consciousness, so to say.
The STS (Service To Self) way of achieving “density of consciousness” is to “gain weight” by assimilation of other consciousness units.

Consciousness and the Unified Field

Consciousness is the omniscient information field that connects everyone and everything…

What follows is a theoretical explanation of how energies interact in our universe to create what we know, and also what we don’t know.

Some of the content is scientifically proven, while other parts of this essay are based on my intuition.

This is not meant to be a purely scientific article, so bring your curiosity, and come along while I take a stab at explaining the unexplainable.

The Center of Consciousness is One’s Heart

During organ transplantation there have been numerous reports of emotions, memories and experiences being transferred along with organ which is been transplanted from donor to the recipient.

by Dr. Fahad Basheer, Waking Times


Consciousness — 5 Steps to Open the Floodgates and Expand It

Individualism, consumerism, and progressive success have constrained us to lower consciousness, but we yearn to ascend and expand it.

When our consciousness expands, even momentarily, we see the world very differently — as a place where people suffer because their inner child is lost and is running amok with their emotions.

Hence, a world where people are always trying to be heard but fail to communicate, because they’re not in sync with their higher self and, consequently, they begin lashing out against one another.

At times, we realize that we can be one of these people as well.