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8 Ways to Deal With Anger

It’s a normal emotion and can be a terrific motivator for personal betterment or social justice. But what about when it gets out of hand?

“My dear, you have to take control of your feelings before they take control of you”—- Violet Grantham, Dowager Countess, Downton Abbey

“I miss hating things,” says my friend Funchy, looking misty-eyed. He’s a Brooklynite, like me, raised in a house full of yelling and fighting all masking love of course….sometimes quite well.

How To Not Take Things Personally

“The primary cause of unhappiness is never the situation but your thoughts about it.” – Eckhart Tolle
When we take something personally we invariably suffer. Why? Because we are believing a thought that claims that reality, what is, should be different than it is. But is this true? Can the present moment be other than it is? No, because there is no other moment available!!
Take a look for yourself. Can you actually find some other moment (like an alternate reality hiding somewhere “off stage”) besides the one that is presently appearing? No, you cannot.

How to be a Good Man During Confrontations

By Derek Markham,

It sometimes feels as if we’re caught between the old model of aggressive and combative manhood, where everything is a battle, and the new, kinder, gentler man, for whom everything is a compromise.

Is Your Inner State Angry, Frustrated Or Anxious? Here Is Why

Do you find yourself getting angry, frustrated, and anxious fairly regularly at things that you have no control over? Does a slow driver make your blood boil? Do red traffic lights bring up feelings of anxiety? Does someone else’s opinion feel like it hurts you?