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The Eloists

Receive what God wills. We are here to help you. We will guide your steps along the way. Just relax and feel where our thoughts guide you and you will gain expertise with time. Patience perfects. We propose an essay on a typical day of loving service on the second resurrection plateau and how it differs from that of a first resurrection plateau.

Knowledge of the all Light is the pursuit of all souls on the plateau. Our thoughts, our wills and our united effort is all directed to this one purpose.

2 Tiny Mind Tweaks That Produce Big Changes In Your Life

It’s natural for people to get upset in response to something happening and as a result completely merging with that emotion. When you do such a thing, you straight away put your body in a low vibration and thus become a match to negative events. Let me tell you some simple ways that I’ve found to be effective in avoiding this, to help you gain full control of your emotions and ultimately your life.
It’s such a freedom to not be affected by low moods, and it’s entirely possible to do so.

3 Master Tips To Combat Stress

Have you ever felt the inextricable sense of dread hanging over you like a black cloud that just won’t budge? Or do you wake in the middle of the night anxious and distraught for reasons unknown?

3 Techniques To Help Quiet Your Mind

Is your biggest challenge in meditation or mindfulness your inner dialogue? Do you become easily distracted by the noises around you? Then this article is for you!

The Importance of Being Present
Mindfulness is a Buddhist meditation technique involving attention to the present moment, acceptance to whatever the present is and withholding  judgment; to simply allow whatever presents in awareness to be as it is. This meditation technique gained a great deal of recognition in western medicine and mental health proving an extremely helpful tool for a whole host of conditions including chronic pain and depression.

5 Things To Help Overcome Panic & Anxiety

I’m going to be flat out honest with you all. Over the past two years of my life I have struggled with panic and anxiety, most commonly in the form of panic attacks. At first they were always triggered by something in particular, such as an upcoming obligation or an existing challenge.

5 Ways Meditation Will Change Your Life (For The Better)

Meditation. If you are thinking of yourself or someone you know sitting on the floor with their legs crossed and their eyes closed right now, then you are like the majority of the western world who sees this picture when they think of meditation.

What Is Meditation?
While it is possible to be in a meditative state in this position – this is not necessarily ‘meditation.’ This is because true meditation is a state – a state of mind, body and spirit where you are calm, focused, aware, and connected with your true essence.

6 Powerful Ways to Balance the Ego with the Soul

Gary ‘Z’ McGee, Staff Writer
Waking Times

In a world full of giant egos wanting more more more, it is refreshing to find people with individuated egos who want more powerful experiences and less stuff. An individuated ego is a balanced ego: it is an ego in balance with other egos, in balance with the environment, and most importantly in balance with Soul.

6 Things Healthy & Happy People Do Every Day

There are few things that most of us in this world seek and value more than health and happiness. In an attempt to attain health, we go through diet after diet, workout routine after workout routine trying to figure out what works best for us -and in many cases will keep us interested long enough to attain results.

6 Traits Of People Who Live Peaceful Lives (They Might Surprise You)

1. Let Go Of The Ego And Just Be Yourself

“Take time to be an impartial observer of life particularly when an ending is causing despair.” Lao Tzu

We don’t need to be anything or anyone. We need to impress no one. As a society we have become concerned with having the latest fashions, how we look and impressing others. What for? Who cares? We are trying to fulfil other people’s expectations of us. That doesn’t really make any sense. It just drives us to distraction, always trying to prove ourselves to others.