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Find ways to Appreciate “where you are right now” in order to move to “where you want to be.”

This is a very important part of Law of Attraction. If you appreciate where you are, you will more easily be able to move to where you want to be. If you are looking at where you are as not a good place, then you are focused on the unwanted. So, as Law of Attraction will have it, you will get more of the unwanted. This is a hard one for many people to wrap their minds around. But, once you get it, you can really start creating from that point. All of life experience is leading us to know better what it is we really do want in life.

I’ve experienced this for myself with two pretty big manifestations. One is with how I manifested my Dream Home. And the other is with my weight loss of 25 lbs. Both of these stories are in my new e-book, that is soon to be released. I’ll post about that once everything is in place for the launch. But, in each case. I was totally feeling good about where I was. I finally could really appreciate the home I was living in. I hated it when I moved into it. I had stomach pains when we put in our offer. Then we put a lot of work into the house and I really loved it, once I was happy in my home this opportunity to purchase our dream home fell in our laps. And I was also able to appreciate how I looked in my body, even though I was overweight. Releasing the negative energy I had around my body opened the way to my new thin body.

Appreciate through Positive Aspects.

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I worked recently with a Client of mine in our coaching session on this very point. The session actually was not going very well. My Client just didn’t want to find positive aspects of the issue that has been weighing heavily on his mind. He couldn’t find anything to appreciate. He just wanted to move on to creating his future. In many cases you can do that. Only, he had so much resistance around this issue that I could see he wouldn’t be able to move on if he didn’t address it and release some resistance. It doesn’t have to be so hard to release the negative energy attached as long as you are ready and willing to look at it from the positive aspect of the experience. Try thinking of the bad experiences having an equal degree of good being created from it. If it was extremely negative, then you will have something extremely positive that can come from it. That experience is creating strong desire of what you do want. And when you look at it from a different point of view you will be able to find some positive aspects of the experience to appreciate.

So, I didn’t press the issue and we moved onto scripting what he wants to happen next in his life. His vibration raised easily as he put himself in his own movie script of how his future will unfold. We were able to leave the session in a pretty good place. The next day he called me to tell me how the rest of his day progressed.

Trying to Appreciate…

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He said that he had his mind on how I wanted him to find things to appreciate about this past negative experience of his. He could come up with a few better feeling thoughts about it but then would go right back to all the negative emotions attached to it. He couldn’t find better feeling thoughts. He couldn’t see many positive aspects. He didn’t want to look at it. Then, later on that evening as he was writing in his Appreciation Journal, he reached over to his grab a book. It was Deepak Chopra’s, The 7 Spiritual Laws of Success. He had not looked at it in a while. He then opened to a chapter that spoke directly to this point. It was Chapter 4, The Law of Least Effort. Really worth taking a look at.

The Law of Attraction was at work. He needed clarity and the Universe sent it to him through Deepak Chopra’s words. As he read through the chapter he realized what it was that I wanted him to do. And as he read, he thought of his past choices and was able to look at them as stepping stones that have showed him what it is that he REALLY wants. I was really happy for him. I know that he will receive what he is working towards. Now as he scripts his life in the way he wants it to be, he is flowing so much more freely.

Scripting is a great process. If you have not ever seen the John Candy movie “Delirious” you should rent it. In that movie John is the head writer for a soap opera. As he writes his scripts he notices how the things he writes about start occurring in his life. If something is not going quite the way he wanted he simply returns to his typewriter and re-writes his script exactly how he wants it to occur. Great concept, it really works!

The next time you find yourself feeling disappointment at past decisions, try looking at it from the point of view that there was a reason for this experience. There is something to appreciate about it that will lead you to more and more good things in your future.

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